What Happens to NATO if Trump Wins in 2024?


Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

In the wake of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, there’s a question worth asking: If Donald Trump gets re-elected in 2024, is NATO toast?

It is axiomatic that free countries have a harder time guaranteeing long-term commitments, but Trump is incomparable as a wild card. What is more, the possibility that Trump will be re-elected isn’t implausible. There’s a general consensus that the Republican nomination is his for the taking.

President Joe Biden is currently enjoying a post-State of the Union bounce, but his approval numbers are still underwater. His party is well-positioned to get absolutely trounced in the midterms. And if we haven’t already learned that anything can happen from the 2016 election—as well as Trump’s failed coup attempt in 2020—then we never will learn.

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We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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