Videos from the flood crisis that shocked and inspired us this week



It has been another hell of a week, the country watching on as residents in south-east Queensland and New South Wales grappled with heart-breaking floods.

We have seen countless videos showing the sheer devastation of the wild weather.

But, via social media, we have also witnessed communities persevere and band together in the face of such destruction and loss.

TND has compiled the most shocking and inspiring videos that have emerged from the flood crisis.

Our hearts go out to all our readers impacted by the floods. Stay safe.

In no time at all

According to the clock in the top right of this clip, it took less than four hours for this road to be fully submerged.

A world underwater

It’s hard to comprehend just how much a landscape can change in 24 hours.

You may need to watch this one a couple of times to truly understand the mind-boggling scale of the floods.

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“How many horsepower?”

The road to recovery will undoubtedly be a long one.

The important first step is ensuring as many people and wildlife can get to safety as possible.

Thanks to this determined team, this shetland pony got some much-needed assistance.

Muster canoer

With paddocks submerged and cattle wading in water, this brave farmer had to get creative to get them to safety.

A helping hand

These firefighters are absolute legends for getting residents and pets to safety.

Feeding those in need

With supermarket shelves wiped bare and unlikely to be restocked for days on end, volunteers have blown into town to make sure those affected are getting fed.

Those from Sikh Volunteers Australia, based in Victoria, are continuing their run of charitable work, having also lent a hand during the bushfires and throughout pandemic.

Now, they’ve travelled up north to get involved once more.

The spirit and selflessness of these volunteers is truly inspiring.

“Come on in, Skippy!”

It’s not every day you spot a welcome a roo indoors.

Even wildlife needs to take cover from these unruly conditions.

Friends not food

If you were a frog or a mouse, the last place you would want to be stuck is in a barrel with a brown snake.

Fortunately for these critters, they all put their differences aside to keep each other afloat.

We’re glad to report they all were rescued unscathed.

@carleen2332♬ original sound – user4420609529188

Oscar the Grouch?

Listen to this manhole cover clang around as it struggles to conceal the storm drains, which are overwhelmed with water.

River, not a road

The heavy rainfall transformed this uphill road into a river.

Hold on for your life!

These local legends kept busy escorting distressed cattle to safety.

We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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