These Peloton Bike Alternatives Are Cheaper (And Just As Effective)


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It’s not hard to see why Peloton captivated the fitness world since it released its first bike in 2014—the spin bike provides an in-studio fitness experience that many of us craved during COVID lockdowns, with virtual trainers taking you on immersive tours around the world with the touch of your built-in touchscreen.

Beyond the pseudo-social component of Peloton, it provides a darn good workout at home. Spinning is known to be one of the most effective forms of cardio because it easily allows you to alternate between high-intensity intervals followed by periods of active recovery, so it makes sense that Peloton has gone viral over the past couple of years (especially with fitness studios and gyms being closed on-and-off).

While the Peloton bike costs a bit more than many of us are willing to spend at $2,495 for Bike+ model with improved graphics and rich built-in sound (you can still get the basic model for about $1500), the market is flooded with more budget-friendly options that provide an equally solid workout for less. Scroll through below to check out the best Peloton bike alternatives to shop for your home gym or living room setup.

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