The Best Vegan Snacks For Veganuary & Beyond


Photo: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Retailers.

If you aren’t familiar with Veganuary, allow me to fill you in: Veganuary is a month-long challenge that encourages people all around the world to try adopting a vegan and plant-forward lifestyle.

There are a slew of reasons why many people choose to switch to a vegan diet, including the documented health benefits (reduced inflation and improved digestion just to name a select few), animal rights, and minimizing the environmental impact of our diets. In fact, some researchers at the University of Oxford found that eliminating meat and dairy products from one’s diet could significantly help reduce the individual’s carbon footprint.

Back in the day (even just five years ago, in fact), following a plant-based lifestyle wasn’t exactly easy if you wanted to eat our at restaurants find vegan snacks that didn’t actually taste like, well, plants. Fortunately, in recent years, a plethora of new plant-based foods have popped up on grocery store shelves, restaurants, and online retailers, so eating vegan has never been easier or more fun.

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