The Best Belts for Men That Look Good With Everything


Once upon a time, men hitched their pants high enough that belts were simply an accessory, not a necessity. But as the waistlines of in-style pants fell, the need for functional belts rose. Today, the best men’s leather belts add a bit of reinforcement to jeans or slacks but should mainly be thought of as a style accessory. But whether military, striped, or super traditional, the right belt goes a long way.

There are a lot of belts out there to look at. When you’re searching for the right men’s belt, as well the corresponding belt buckle, don’t go for anything too gaudy or flashy, cautions Micaela Erlanger, a stylist who has worked with such stars as Common, Jared Leto, and John Boyega.

Her advice? Stick to basic colors and styles that coordinate well with a lot of different clothing. “Every man needs a black leather belt and a brown leather belt and a nice corded woven belt for summer,” Erlanger says. In terms of belt style, she opts for simplicity. “Keep it clean. No logos. No funky buckles. The buckles should be metal. Keep it as simple as you can. We’re not reinventing the wheel here.”

These are guidelines, of course. So if you want to be bold and rock a glistening, double-tongued studded belt, you do you. Her point is that the more outlandish the style, the more difficult it is to pull. it. off.

But Erlanger also has an important piece of belt-wearing advice that should be taken as gospel. “You don’t wear a belt to hold up your pants,” she says. “If your pants don’t stay up, they don’t fit.”

Now, with Erlanger’s advice in mind, here are some of the best leather belts for men and one great woven belt for warmer weather. Choose accordingly.

The Best Men’s Leather Belts

Durable, handsome, and only getting better age, this belt is just like you. Made by Huckberry house brand Flint and Tinder, it’s affordable for the quality, sure to outlast a lifetime of easy wear.

Wearing slacks? Nice jeans? A suit? Available in black or brown, the Hugo Boss Garney is the ideal wear-with-everything leather belt. It’s made from cow leather, has a large but not garish metal buckle, and has a slim, refined look that cuts an always-classic profile.

We’re into the heavy-duty full grain leather of this belt, and the fact that unlike other, cheaper belts, it’s made from a single piece of leather. This means it won’t sag, split or stretch.

This casual belt is a combination of leather, bonded leather, and polyurethane. What does bonded leather mean, you ask? It’s leather composed of waste scraps of leftover leather. So you’re getting an ultra-durable belt that’s almost entirely leather, and a great price.

The Best Men’s Woven Belts

Like the belt version of the mullet hairstyle, its leather accents and metal buckle, forward-facing, are all business. But in the back is a flexible woven bungee material that easily accommodates a big meal, no adjustment necessary.

Filson’s world-renown for its waxed canvas, so it didn’t surprise us that it also makes a killer woven belt. The poly-nylon webbing dries fast, withstands abrasion, and is incredibly strong, while the aluminum hook buckle system is comfy walking around town or sandwiched under the waist belt of a full pack.

Once known for its silicone wedding bands (which are also great), Groove has made a full-court press into the belt space, and they’re awesome. Its sliding metal, minimalist design is casual or dressy, based on your need, while the flexible proprietary webbing is great for those big Thanksgiving meals.

This perfect woven belt adds just the right touch of formality to your spring or summer outfit. The micro-adjustable buckle for one size fits up to a 40 inch waist. And you can leave the belt in your pants and run it through the wash cycle.

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