Text calling the PM a ‘psycho’ revealed to actually be from his empathy consultant


Explosive information has just come out of Canberra today, revealing that the person referring to the PM as a ‘pyscho’ via text was actually his empathy consultant.

The full conversation has been revealed to the public below:

Gladys – “He is a psycho”

Empathy Consultant – “I know right, what a fucking psycho!”

EC – “Just a complete fuckwit. I am in way over my head.”

GB – “Right, what’s wrong with him?”

EC – “I have no idea, no matter what I tell him he doesn’t fucking learn!”

EC – “IKR he cares more about politics than people.”

GB – “Do you think there is even a chance to save him?”

EC – “No he is completely cooked. I would never use the term ‘psycho’ before but this cunt just has no idea about basic shit. Jesus Christ, the amount of times I have had to tell him to not grab women, blame them for everything or even treat them like people.”

EC – “200k is not enough to keep dealing with his bullshit”

In response to the leak, a campaign has begun for Morrison’s empathy consultant to be named as Australian of the Year 2023.

We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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