Tennis star’s tantrum and an ingenious ice skater star top TND’s best videos of the week


It has been another long and dreary week in the news cycle.

After weeks of speculation, Vladimir Putin finally ordered an attack on Ukraine, with devastating videos and photos seen across social media.

It’s fair to say we are all in need of a bit of a cheer-up, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the compilation TND has put together for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t miss out on an ingenious young ice skater’s makeshift broomstick, a not-so-perfect trick shot, and tennis player Alexander Zverev’s shocking on-court meltdown.

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“I’m trying to work right now”

Every journalist knows their parents and family truly are their biggest supporters.

But not every journalist wants their parents heckling them from afar when they’re about to go on camera.

This journo’s mum was on the scene to support her boy, but he didn’t look too pleased to see her.

No more drums, please

It’s a dilemma those of us with drum-playing family members can empathise with – how to get the drumming to stop?

This hound had a no-nonsense approach and went straight for one of his owner’s drum sticks.

But, alas, the strategy was unsuccessful, his owner instantly grabbing another from his plentiful reserve,

Someone get this dog some earmuffs!

@samarrowdrums Just tryna practice 😂🐶 #greatdane #dog #drummer #drums ♬ Forever – Labrinth

Perfect shot?

We won’t spoil the results for you in advance, but best to not try this trick-shot at home.

Temper tantrum

This video made our list for all the wrong reasons.

Tennis world No.3 Alexander Zverev’s shocking show of unsportsmanlike behaviour resulted in the star rightfully being expelled from the ATP 500 Tournament in Acapulco.

“It just should not have happened and there is no excuse,” Zverev later said in a statement.

You would not believe your eyes…

It’s a short but impressive clip, this one. Watch this firefly light up and take flight.

“You’re a skater, Harry!”

Let’s be honest, all of us wish we had been a student at Hogwarts.

But forget a Nimbus 2000 – turns out a leaf-blower is all we need to live out our wizarding fantasies.

Tentacular fashion

We were blown away by this designer’s looks on show at London Fashion Week.

This collection was apparently inspired by the sea. This model wore rotating tentacles, and another model’s look was reminiscent of a sea urchin.

We’re not sure where we’d wear this, but we love it nonetheless.

Easily amused

Ollie the corgi can’t get enough of this simple spring.

Dance like no one’s watching

This infectious tune got everyone on the street dancing – even this cheerful cockatoo.

His rhythmic head bops are too cute to handle.

@_qbird Dance like no ones watching 🕊😄 #umbrellacockatoo #cockatoosoftictok #umbrellacockatoosoftiktok #cockatoo #cockatoos #dance #dancingcockatoo #dancing ♬ original sound – Q

We’ve all been there

As nice as it is to have a four-legged companion at night, sometimes it isn’t all sweet dreams and snuggles.

This TikToker chronicled his sleepless night with his pooch by his side using emojis and sketches.

We can definitely relate to his struggles.

@samvicchiolloI never get any sleep♬ Radetsky March Classic Classic(829541) – Yuumi Iida

We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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