Taylor Swift Teases Eerie New Song in ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ Trailer



Taylor Swift is taking her folk era straight to the marshes. In a new trailer for the upcoming thriller Where the Crawdads Sing, which stars Normal People breakout (and current cannibal fighter) Daisy Edgar-Jones, the pop star teased her new single “Carolina,” an eerie ode to swamplands. Pulled right from Reese Witherspoon’s book club, this coming-of-age adaptation has a murderous twist in the harmonious bayou.

We meet Kya, the so-called “marsh girl,” in the first look at Where the Crawdads Sing, played by Edgar-Jones and her younger counterpart Jojo Regina. Poor little Kya is abandoned by her family, forced to live out in the marshlands alone. But it’s not all bad: she’s got a thriving mussel business, her art, and a new love interest. That’s all upended, however, when her boyfriend is murdered and she becomes the prime suspect.

“Every creature does what it must to survive,” Kya narrates in the trailer. What’s there left for her to do but run? As the law hunts the marsh girl, they continue to harass her, even throwing her in jail, it appears. Whether or not Kya actually murdered her boyfriend has yet to be revealed—though the rest of society seems to have made their mind up about the social outcast.

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