Sloth’s hilarious zipline adventure tops TND’s videos of the week



Hooray, the weekend has arrived!

In this week’s compilation of top videos, we have a bit of everything.

You won’t want to miss a sleepy sloth’s hilarious zipline adventure, Nicholas Cage’s self-admitted love affair with shortbread biscuits, and skiers in Spain taking to slopes caked in Sahara sand.

Plus, a quick warning: you may want to grab some tissues – the first two clips are certified tear-jerkers.

If you see or film any videos you would like us to include next week, let us know on social media by using the hashtag #TNDVoW.

Beauty among the destruction

Before fleeing her home in Kyiv, this Ukrainian pianist plays her piano for a final time.

The beautiful melody is a sharp contrast to the sheer destruction seen all around her apartment.

Truly heartbreaking.

A warm welcome

More than three million people, including children of all ages, have now fled Ukraine due to Russia’s ongoing invasion.

These refugees now face the daunting task of starting new lives in a foreign country while destruction rains down on their homeland.

In this clip, two young Ukrainian kids arriving at their new school in Italy are shocked to be welcomed by resounding applause by the entire school.

Spain or the Sahara?

This week, dust drifted north into Europe from the Sahara due to a massive sandstorm.

The strong winds coated entire landscapes – like this Spanish ski resort – in a thick coat of sand.

But the strange conditions couldn’t deter the most hardcore skiers – who sped through the sandy slopes as if nothing had changed.

It’s not just Spain that will be impacted, according to a European monitoring service which predicted the dust could travel as far as Denmark.

Unexpected forest traffic jam

It’s not every day you come across a sloth – let alone on a zipline, and hanging high above a forest.

The young boy who came across the sloth is left wondering: “What do I do about the sloth?”

His zipline buddy responds: “We just wait.”

We wonder, exactly how long did this duo need to wait for the traffic to clear up?

@nickraymerSomeone shoulda told him there was a sloth there♬ original sound – Nick Raymer

‘I really like shortbread’

This week, we had a confection confession from none other than the Ghost Rider himself, Nicholas Cage.

In a TikTok uploaded by Lionsgate, we learnt that Nicholas Cage really likes shortbread.

In fact, he enjoys it so much that he says the classic shortbread tin inspired his outfit.

@lionsgate when you really like shortbread #nicolascage ♬ original sound – Lionsgate

Unique handshake

Tennis star John Risner absolutely towers over Diego Schwartzman at over two metres tall.

Their disparity in height makes for quite the interesting handshake.

‘I’m a dog, I swear!’

Looks like these dogs and this bear are good mates.

Either that, or the bear is happy to put up with them in order to get his paws on some snacks.

@dgoxhody #pet #foryou #dog ♬ original sound – FUNNYFUZZY_PET

Bouncing for biscuits

This highly-energetic Valais Blacknose proves that even sheep get the zoomies.

Lending a helping wing

This cockatoo did this rat a solid favour and freed him from captivity.

The rat didn’t hang around to thank the altruistic bird though, and scurried off in a hurry. That has got to hurt.

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