Side-eyes, champions and adorable animals: Here are our picks for top videos of the week


Happy weekend, readers!

Once again, we at The New Daily have scoured the corners of the internet for the biggest videos of the week.

We’re sure you can probably guess who comes first.

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*insert side-eye emoji here*

Grace Tame, 2021 Australian of the Year, said it all with her eyes when she was pictured beside Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier this week.

The advocate for sexual assault survivors was less than impressed to stand beside the leader of the country, members of whose government was embroiled in sexual assault allegations last year.

What champions are made of

Paralympian and disability advocate Dylan Alcott was named 2022 Australian of the Year on Wednesday.

“I love my disability. It is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, it really is. And I am so thankful for the life that I get to live,” Alcott said.

“One in five people that have a physical or non-physical disability, they don’t feel the same way that I do. And it’s not their fault. But it’s up to all of us to do things so they can get out and be proud of their disability as well and be the people that they want to be.” 

Alcott said his purpose has never been to win gold medals and grand slams, but to change perceptions so people with disability can live the lives they deserve.

“It was my purpose yesterday, it’s my purpose today and it will be my purpose as your Australian of the Year for the next 12 months and beyond,” Alcott said.

Walk, walk, fashion, baby

Meanwhile, in Paris…

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter Charlotte Casiraghi rode a horse down a runway to open the Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Choose your character

It’s Wii Sport feat. Nick Kyrgios at the Australian Open. Those games sure are getting more and more lifelike.

@hieber 👑 #nickkyrgios #ao #australianopen #fyp #foryou #wii #wiisports @ausopen ♬ original sound – The Johnson Brothers


What can we say? Some people just don’t like their veggies.

No judgement here.

Rollin’ with it

This little wombat rolling around is exactly how we want to roll into our weekends.

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Vancouver views

This TikTok might just be one of the most beautiful videos we’ve ever seen.

Remember when we could travel internationally on a whim? We don’t (just kidding, not really).

@benkielesinski May your day contain this type of magic #vancouver ♬ Je te laisserai des mots – Patrick Watson

Man of the world

No big deal, but here’s journalist Philip Crowther reporting from DC in six different languages … as you do.

Stop-motion sports

Indoor sports just took on a whole new meaning.

The warm and fuzzies

A cat’s best friend? Adorable baby ducks, apparently.


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