R&B crooner Maxwell shows us how natural hair looks best: au naturel.


When it comes to natural hair, the best motto is: If you’ve got it, flaunt it, which is exactly what Maxwell does best (besides sing and dominate top ten charts, of course). His voluminous mane of thick hair makes a bold style statement that fits his personality as well as his look and perfectly suits any style and occasion.

Why It Works

Maxwell is known for his style, whether rocking a svelte suit or channeling the prints and textures of the 70s, so it’s only natural that his hair meets the same high-fashion expectations.Although he’s letting his natural texture and volume fly, he’s used a light oil to keep hair conditioned and a pick to give the overall look shape and evenness.The tinted wire frames lend the perfect finishing touch to the 70s-inspired look.

How You Can Make It Work

If you’ve got the natural texture, the key to rocking a solid big afro is grooming it just enough to keep it looking sleek and healthy. Regular maintenance helps keep it at a length you’re comfortable with, and picking it out every now and then ensures you’ve always got the ideal amount of shape and volume.

Get The Look

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