Raffi and Lindsay Munroe Just Fixed a Bunch of Outdated Nursery Rhymes


Singing songs to your kids is, of course, wonderful. But, sometimes, if you’re singing “traditional” nursery rhymes, the lyrics can feel like a rabbit hole into horror. Thought about the lyrics of “Three Blind Mice” lately? Does your sweet little one need to be thinking about these poor mice getting their tails chopped off?

Enter the GOAT of children’s music, Raffi, and his sometimes collaborator, the excellent Lindsay Munroe. Together, they’ve created the antidote to outdated, and sometimes, downright creepy old nursery rhymes. Using the familiar melodies of fifteen nursery rhymes, these songs are now reimagined to be much, much nicer! Here’s a listing of the newly rebooted nursery rhymes:

1. Three Kind Mice
2. Diddle Diddle Dumpling
3. Sing A Song Of Six Cents
4. Ring Around Sweet Roses
5. Rock-A-Bye Baby
6. Jack And Jill
7. Hickory Dickory Dock
8. Baa Baa Bright Sheep
9. Humpty Dumpty
10. London Rain Is Falling Down
11. Eeny Meeney Miney Mo
12. Old Mother Hubbard
13. This Little Piggy
14. Hey Little Diddle
15. There Was A Nice Lady

The inspiration for this project came from a preschool teacher named Pam Gittleman. “It came as no surprise that young parents, teachers, and caregivers were avoiding these rhymes because so many of them are inappropriate and outdated for today’s children,” Gittelman said.

And yet, as we all know, these tunes are still very pervasive. And so, Gittelman set out to rewrite these familiar songs. After getting in touch with Raffi,  Nursery Rhymes for Kinder Times was born!

“These songs offer a breakthrough—a re-visioning of old and outdated nursery rhymes,” says Raffi. “I loved working with these updated lyrics and creating some new melodies for them. Lindsay Munroe’s voice has a charm all its own and her daughters’ voices add to the joy of this album.”

You can stream the first big song from this album, “Three Kind Mice,” below The entire album is out on May 6. Snag a copy here. 

Listen to Fatherly’s podcast, Finding Raffi, right here.

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