Parents Say Sexual Harassment at Activision Blizzard Led to Their Daughter’s Suicide


Mike Blake/File Photo via Reuters

A Southern California couple whose daughter died by suicide at a three-day Activision Blizzard employee retreat is suing the video game giant for allegedly engendering a culture of “brutal workplace sexual harassment” that they say led directly to her death.

In the 50-page civil suit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday, Paul and Janet Moynihan accuse Activision Blizzard—which is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft for $68.7 billion—of failing to rein in the bad behavior they believe “was a substantial factor in bringing about” 32-year-old Kerri Moynihan’s decision to take her own life.

The filing blames Activision Blizzard for having “fostered and permitted a sexually hostile work environment to exist in which female employees were routinely sexually harassed, belittled, disparaged and discriminated against, and Activision failed and refused to take corrective action or reasonable steps to prevent that harassment.”

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