OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Sundance, Utah


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Modern Treehouse, Sundance, UT (Vrbo): We don’t like to begin a tour of a gorgeous vacation home on a negative foot, especially at Christmastime, but we have to in this case. If this is a treehouse, then our entire childhood has just been exposed as a lie. This is definitely not the wooden platform and vertical slat-with-nails stairs that this author’s father passed off as the real deal in our youth. But while we wait for our therapist to return our emergency call, let’s move on to happier things: even if you have been forced to delay your holiday vacation plans due to the Grinch that is Omicron, you can still dream of the snowy escape you will make once this variant subsides. And for that trip, we would like to suggest Sundance, Utah, where the skiing is smooth, the visitors are glittering, and, if this rental is any indication, the digs are magical.

Many people are having to rethink their winter holiday plans in ways that include inviting the whole family along. (On the count of three, point to the person whose fault it is that every member of the family was automatically included in your Covid pod. May we suggest next pandemic you implement a screening process?) If you’re being forced to give up the adults-only vacay and include the kids in your plans, don’t worry—this Modern Treehouse has you covered. Meet the game room, otherwise known as “the babysitter.”

Cribs got it all wrong: this is where the magic happens…at least that’s the case if you have a chef in your travel crew. On that note, it’s time to quickly add “a friend who’s an expert home chef” to your last minute “Dear Santa” list. You deserve it after the past two years.

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