NRL player tells jury he wasn’t stabber



Many Sea Eagles hooker Manase Fainu has told a jury he did not bring a knife to a Sydney church dance or stab anyone there and still has no idea who did.

Fainu, 24, has pleaded not guilty to wounding Faamanu Levi with intent to cause grievous bodily harm at Wattle Grove late at night on October 25, 2019.

The NRL player entered the witness box in Parramatta District Court on Monday and denied any involvement in both altercations that culminated in the stabbing.

When the violent brawl erupted outside the event organised by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Fainu said he backed right away.

“I started back peddling, walking backwards,” he said.

He said he watched the fighting for about a minute or two, and ran away “scared for myself”.

“Were any words shouted?” his defence barrister Margaret Cunneen SC asked.

“That’s why I ran. I heard knife, knife,” Fainu said.

Earlier that evening, Fainu was at a Guildford barbecue when his friend Uona Faingaa, known as “Big Buck,” asked to go to the charity event to pick up money owed by his co-worker.

Fainu says he was not drinking and drove his friend and three others, and never entered the dancefloor but waited outside.

After about 10 to 15 minutes he noticed Big Buck and two others being escorted outside.

“I said sorry to the security guard for their behaviour and then we walked out,” Fainu said.

Before driving away Big Buck was angry and said ‘I didn’t get f***ing paid’, he said.

Fainu was told to drive to a Coles car park and then offered to retrieve the cash, saying his friend would not be allowed back inside.

CCTV footage played for the court showed four men following Fainu, who draped a white towel around his head.

This “security blanket” doused in cold water was because he had a headache, denying it was to hide his identity.

He led them to a fence to jump over, saying it was an easier way inside.

On the way to the chapel the brawl erupted about 10-15 metres away from him, he said.

“Did you have any weapon in your possession?” Ms Cunneen said.

“No ma’am.”

“Did you see any weapons of any kind?”

“No ma’am.”

And he was never told anyone had a knife, he said.

After fleeing back over the fence he waited for the others inside the car.

When they arrived he asked what happened.

“They said nothing,” he said.

He did not like to involve himself with fights as his football training taught him to “walk away”.

The court was previously told Fainu had entered the dancefloor and was involved in the first fight before he was told “you don’t fight on church grounds,” and ushered outside with the others.

Crown witness Tony Quach said he watched Fainu later in the car park melee plunge a steak knife into the back of the youth leader.

Mr Quach said he had pushed the footballer who was wearing a distinctive sling and told him to “get out, stop, get out” before he stabbed Mr Levi in an upwards motion.

The trial continues.


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