My Neck, My Back… and My Face Were Saved by This Pillow


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I consider myself a practical person, someone who believes and accepts objective facts, a woman of science if you will. That is until I went looking for a solution for my neck pain and was met with a slew of articles detailing how sleeping on your side can cause neck aches and sleeping on your back can alleviate them, and even prevent wrinkles. My first reaction was that this just simply couldn’t be true. I am a dedicated side sleeper, and until recently, I could actually only sleep on my side. However, as a woman of science, I decided to forgo my comfort zone and with the help of this pillow, am now successfully a converted back-sleeper with a lot less neck pain.

The first thing I learned about the Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow is that “cervical” has a secondary definition which is relating to the neck. However this memory foam pillow is actually a science-backed catch-all for neck, shoulder, and back pain. The horn shaped corners allow you to flip the pillow to adjust for your favorite arm position and level of needed support. The center of the pillow, no matter how you flip it, features a dip that keeps your head and neck aligned with the rest of your body. To my and my upper body’s relief this dip also mimicked the feeling of side sleeping with just a small head tilt to the side. The best part is, this weird looking pillow fits easily inside a standard sized pillow case so you can align your neck without cramping your style.

Aches, however, are not the only issue this pillow. As a woman in a society I also use the pillow’s sleep posturing for wrinkle prevention because as it turns out, putting the entire weight of your head on one side of your face and shoving it against a pillow for eight hours isn’t great for your skin.

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