Michael Cera on Falling in Love With Amy Schumer and Finding Fame ‘Embarrassing’


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After bursting onto the comedy scene at just 14 years old nearly two decades ago as George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development—followed by the box office hit Superbad and Best Picture nominee Juno in quick succession—Michael Cera has been laying pretty low of late. So his latest gig as Amy Schumer’s love interest in the comedian’s new semi-autobiographical Hulu series Life & Beth is kind of a big deal.

In this episode of The Last Laugh podcast, Cera explains why he said yes to his first regular TV role since Arrested Development and opens up about how he “freaked out” when he suddenly became super-famous at such a young age.

Cera had only met Schumer once before she offered him the romantic lead role opposite her in Life & Beth. She asked for his number when they crossed paths at a Hollywood event but he neglected to save hers in his phone so when she texted him later that night to go sing karaoke with her friends, he ignored the unknown number.

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