Mask-friendly update coming soon for iPhone users


Almost two years after the COVID pandemic made mask-wearing a thing in many nations, Apple users will soon be able to unlock their phones while wearing a facial mask.

The tech giant is rumoured to be holding a launch event on March 8, where it will likely unveil the latest iPad Air, a new iPhone SE and a MacBook.

Tech experts are tipping that, along with new hardware, Apple will release its long-awaited iOS 15.4 update after months of beta software testing.

The software will likely include the mask-friendly update to the Face ID feature, which has been included in the past three rounds of beta testing.

The exciting feature will make it possible for masked Apple users to open their phones and even approve Apple Pay transactions with just a glance at their screen.

The Face ID technology was first introduced in 2017 along with the release of the iPhone X. It replaced the previous Touch ID thumbprint function.

However, the feature’s functionality has been hindered by mask mandates throughout the pandemic. They have made it impossible for users to unlock their phones using the feature while wearing a mask in public.

The update will mean the iPhone can unlock after scanning just a user’s eye area, rather than requiring access to their entire face.

Unfortunately, the feature will be on offer only to Apple users with the latest model phones. According to beta testing it will require an iPhone 12 or 13.

Dozens of new emoji characters will arrive along with iOS 15.4. Photo: Emojipedia

Along with upgraded Face ID, Apple users can also look forward to dozens of new emoji characters including a ‘biting lip’ emoji, a stack of new hand gestures and even an X-Ray emoji.

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