Man Collects Over 1,000 Toys To Send Kids Affected by Kentucky Tornadoes

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Recent storms across the southern United States and the midwest mean that people across the country are struggling particularly hard this holiday season. Over 1,000 properties in Kentucky alone were destroyed, and many families lost everything when the storms hit. A Northern Michigan man named Timothy Baise dedicates a huge amount of his time and effort to local community outreach, but after learning about the devastation in Kentucky, he turned his attention to others who needed his help.

Baise is the president of Homeless Angels, an organization that provides support to locals who are struggling. This year, during the Homeless Angels’ toy drive, Baise couldn’t stop thinking about those impacted by the recent tornadoes. The holidays are a particularly challenging time for many, especially for those coping with recent hardship.

In search of guidance, Baise turned to the manager of Kentucky’s Mayfield Airport to figure out what he could do to help. Incredibly, the answer was right in front of him: toys.

“There’s hundreds of houses that are just destroyed. There’s no way these families are going to be able to get anything for these children. Toys, I mean I had goosebumps, I almost couldn’t breathe, right? I started like blowing up because I’m in the middle of this,” Baise told UpNorthLive. “He had no idea who I was or what we were doing at the time and he said toys. All I could say is ‘I’ll be there tomorrow.’”

It seemed almost serendipitous, that Baise was in the midst of collecting exactly what the children of Kentucky needed most. Determined to help spread a bit of joy to as many kids as possible, Baise packed up a caravan plane with as many toys as he could fit – roughly 1,000 of them. In a recent update, the Homeless Angels Facebook page shared that they’d managed to fill a second plane to help Kentucky residents during their time of need.

“This is all possible because of YOU, our AMAZING village!!!” the post read.

To see how you can help, visit the Homeless Angels website.

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