Last-Minute Gifts You Can Send Instantly by Email


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Let’s face it: even if you’re an ultra responsible gifter who usually plans ahead instead of waiting to the very last possible second to do your holiday gift shopping, most of us are guilty of forgetting to buy a gift for someone’s special graduation, holiday, birthday, baby shower, and the like. Fortunately, there are plenty of surprisingly thoughtful gifts you can send by email that won’t look like you waited until the last minute—even if you totally did.

Plus, many of us are still socially distancing for the holidays, so giving gifts IRL isn’t always an option, which means e-gifts are the only safe bet whether you procrastinated or had responsibly planned months in advance. Plus, with this year’s ongoing supply chain issues, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to send digital gifts that will be guaranteed to be delivered on time.

I was raised to always send handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards, holiday greetings—and, well, the list goes on, so the idea of emailing a gift to someone still makes me a little bit uncomfortable (especially if I imagine my mother’s reaction). But frankly, there truly is a plethora of thoughtful gifts you can send online that don’t scream “I literally forgot to give you a gift until just now.” So, yes, while I may still be somewhat old-fashioned (I do still send the handwritten thank you notes by mail) when it comes to my gifting philosophies, the idea of sending an online e-gift (especially during a pandemic, mind you), doesn’t feel quite as blasphemous to me anymore.

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