Kanye’s So-Called Divorce Album ‘Donda 2’ Is a Narcissistic Nightmare


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Sometimes an artist will release an album or single so mediocre that you wish they would take a year off to find new inspiration, get their creative juices flowing, and try again. Over the past six years, Kanye West, who now performs under the mononym Ye, has given his fans—well, those of us who aren’t satisfied with the perfunctory work he’s been unloading between Sunday Services and meetings with Trump surrogates—a list of reasons why he could use a break.

Some already believe that the rapper’s career might be headed toward a hiatus, given the indefinite state of Donda 2. The Donda sequel was expected around the end of February but took a backseat to a series of public shenanigans, mainly his harassment of soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram. Last month, West announced that his 11th studio album would be exclusively available on a $200 portable audio device called STEM Player, citing the low percentages artists earn from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. As of today, West has yet to deliver Donda 2 to STEM purchasers, instead uploading 16 new tracks from the album’s listening party under the name V2.22.22 Miami onto the player. Plans to officially release the album or re-edit the batch of seemingly unfinished songs have not been announced.

Given the reception by aggrieved fans and vexed critics to what we can assume is some version of Donda 2, it doesn’t seem like there’s much West can do at this point to resuscitate the project, unless he starts from scratch. Even then, he doesn’t give fans much to be hopeful about, considering his recent string of disappointing releases, including this latest collection of songs which sound extremely undercooked.

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We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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