James Franco Is Not Taking ‘Ownership’ of the Accusations that Matter



After four years of relative silence about the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by multiple women, James Franco says he’s ready to “take some ownership over some things.” But if you actually listen to the actor’s hourlong interview on The Jess Cagle Podcast, you might begin to notice that the “things” for which he actually assumed accountability were the ones that posed the least risk to his career.

The interview, available in full on SiriusXM, carefully addressed allegations from the 2018 Los Angeles Times article that forced Franco to address his alleged sexual misconduct and exploitation of multiple female students and mentees. Franco said he’s refrained from addressing the allegations so far—although his lawyers did call a lawsuit brought forward against him and his acting school “a travesty of justice”—because “there were people who were upset with me, and I needed to listen… I’ve really used my recovery background to start examining this and changing who I was.”

“I guess there was a lot of work to be done,” Franco said at one point. “In that silence, in the vacuum of me speaking out, now my family and friends have had to answer for me. And I don’t think that’s right. I don’t want anybody to have to answer for me. So now I’m speaking out.”

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