Hugh Jackman praises dedication of health workers


Hugh Jackman has praised the “next level” dedication of health workers around the world after his 10-day COVID-19 isolation ended.

The Greatest Showman star thanked hospital employees for their ongoing work and acknowledged the “unimaginable” impact of the pandemic on their mental and physical health.

In a video posted on Instagram, wearing a thick coat, hat and mask, the Australian actor and singer said his freedom felt “amazing and cold” and that he was “so excited” to return to the theatre to continue working.

“I know so many people are going through this but I just want to give a shout out again to our healthcare workers,” he said.

“I cannot imagine how you guys are coping after two years of this exhausting, never-ending story that is COVID.

“Hospitals are struggling again and you guys just continue day in day out to take care of so many people”.

Captioning the video, he added: “The mental and physical toll this pandemic must be taking on you and your families is unimaginable.

“Your dedication to help those in need is next level. I am grateful for all of you.”

The 53-year-old Wolverine actor revealed he had tested positive for the virus just before new year but was only suffering from “mild symptoms”.


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