How owning a silk pillowcase will redefine bedhead


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There’s an ongoing discussion on whether you should switch out your standard cotton or linen pillowcase for a silk or satin one instead, and after heavy research and trials, we can finally bring you the answer.

Silk and satin have a slick texture which is much better than the rougher texture of cotton.

Not only can the rough surface from the weave pattern of the cotton cause irritation to your skin, it can also cause inflammation, especially if you have acne.

A trial recently saw a reduction in pimples for people who used materials more similar to silk than cotton.

There’s nothing worse than waking up to spend half the morning trying to tame your hair.

Bedhead or frizzy hair is usually the result of friction from tossing and turning in the night against a rough material.

The slick surface of a silk pillowcase will have you waking up without it looking like you’ve had someone rub a balloon against your scalp.

It goes without saying that silk is much more expensive than your typical cotton pillowcase, but with the benefits they bring, it’s an investment for the long haul and, better yet, an investment in your sleep.

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