Hamish and Andy remember ‘generous’ Bob Saget



As memories of the beloved actor Bob Saget continue to swell, Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy have paid tribute to their “long-term friend”.

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, two of the country’s most prominent radio and podcast personalities, shared on social media on Wednesday a touching clip of their first encounter with the US star.

Saget was found dead in his hotel room in Florida on Monday. He was 65.

The video, part of a segment from Rove Live in 2007, shows the Australian duo turning up uninvited at Saget’s house.

What could’ve ended as a call to police blossomed into a working relationship that spanned 14 years between the three, with Saget’s good-natured humour creating hilarious television.

“An original member for the Gangaroos!” Hamish and Andy posted, reminiscing of Saget.

“We couldn’t believe how generous Bob was with his time that day and that he’d go on to become a long-term friend of the show.

“Full of laughs and generosity. Love ya Bob.”

In the clip, Hamish and Andy are searching through Los Angeles for people to join their green and gold gang, the Gangaroos, and seeking to recruit a celebrity as their leader.

The video opens outside Hollywood Saget’s residence, with the Full House actor speaking over the PA system to the unknown Australians.

“I probably should just be calling the cops,” Saget responds to Blake’s query to endorse their gang.

Saget, despite being hesitant to talk with strangers at his gate, invites the duo and the camera crew onto his property. He quickly jumps onboard the pair’s skit, proclaiming himself the leader of the Gangaroos.

The surprise meeting blossomed into a long-time friendship that also included Saget appearing on Hamish and Andy podcasts in 2020.

On Tuesday, Lee reflected on the surprising relationship he and Saget had developed over the years since the segment.

“You meet a lot of people during the ride but there are only a few you connect with and stay in touch. ‘Industry friends’ might be the term,” he said.

“Strangely (some may think), Bob Saget was one of those for me. This is us bringing in his birthday in 2014.

“Since then, we’ve caught up and shared silliness over text every year. I’ll miss it.”

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