Gen Alpha Baby Names Increasing Fastest in Popularity: Unique is In


There are so many factors that influence which baby names will spike in popularity. We know that pop culture, TV, and actors play an influence. But events and shifts in society play a role too which is why we have popular generational names. For the Baby Boomer Generation, names like Robert and Mary were popular. Gen X had Chad and Tonya; Millennials are Kyle and Britney. For Gen Z, the popular names for the generation started to shift to more unique names like Aiden and Addison. Popular names for late Gen-Z and Gen Alpha have become super traditional: Emma, Ava, Liam, Harper. But the baby names that are increasing the fastest in popularity for Gen Alpha are super unique, and that’s not by accident.

Baby name website Listophile set out to determine which baby names from Gen Alpha – those born between 2013 and 2025 – were trending and standing out as most popular. To do this, they collected datasets from the Social Security Administration between 2010-and 2020 and had a list of more than 36 million baby names. Those names were then ranked in order of the largest percentage change of popularity, AKA names that went from obscurity to being more commonly used the most. Though they’re not the most popular baby names on the list, they are the trendiest. “This sizable dataset gave us a unique insight into popular styles and distinct naming trends of Generation Alpha babies,” the site explains.

The results show that there are some interesting trends that are being followed for parents naming their Gen Alpha kids. The names are unique in every sense of the word. The names are ones that we don’t hear often at all, and even if a classic name is chosen, the spelling is altered to make it stand out.

“Interesting, the study found the growth of unique baby names for girls is far more amplified than the growth of unique baby names for boys,” the site explained. “Listophile attributed this trend to the strong desire of parents wanting to empower their daughters.”

Here are the baby names for boys increasing the fastest for Gen Alpha babies:


These are the baby names for girls increasing the fastest for Gen Alpha babies:


While unique names are trending for the generation, parents of Gen Alpha kids are still selecting from traditional names. These names include Emma, Sophia, Elizabeth, Victoria, and Claire for girls. For boys, the traditional names still being chosen include William, Alexander, John, Simon, and Adrian.

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