From political gaffes to unlikely friends, the videos that made us grin in 2021


The new year is finally here. And while 2021 was one to forget for many, there were some moments that made us smile from ear to ear.

Here’s a handful of the best caught on camera. 

‘That fella Down Under’

Who could forget this moment during the historic AUKUS announcement?

Although US President Joe Biden was able to recall British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s name in the virtual announcement, he stumbled when it came to Scott Morrison’s.

Biden instead referred to Morrison as his ‘pal’.

“I want to thank, uh, that fella Down Under. Thank you very much, pal.”


Morrison was likely horrified by Biden’s gaffe, but it gave viewers at home a couple of giggles.

Drone v bird

Drone deliveries surged in Canberra during lockdown – and so did the number of drone attacks.

Not by the drones themselves, rather by ravens determined to take them down.

One YouTuber caught the vision of a raven biting off a bit more than he could chew in the Canberra skies.

Just remember, drones are friends – not food.

Watch the video here.

Seagull science

If you’ve ever had fish and chips down at the beach, you know all too well how painful seagulls can be.

We reckon it’s just about time someone gave the seagulls some trouble.

One prankster decided to bury himself at the beach, leaving his head uncovered and surrounded by chips.

The seagulls look pleased with the sight of the chips – but terrified at the sight of the prankster’s protruding head.

I wanna hold your … paw

Who knew jaguars could be so calm and cuddly?

This brave animal guru made us swoon when he shared a video holding hands with his big cat buddy.

Who could resist holding hands with those silky paws?

@sean_exotic The rematch #jaguar #bigcat #wildcat #animas #animalsoftiktok #animalsdoingthings #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viralvideo #viral ♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Marathon waddler

It’s true – marathon runners come in all shapes and sizes.

This marathon runner made a splash with his New York City Marathon debut, and check out his pace!

We reckon we’d struggle to keep up.

Incredible rescue

This thrilling rescue gave us goosebumps this year, and we’re still not over it.

@richysand DOG SAVED FROM TRAIN! 🚂 🐕 #amazing #rescue ♬ original sound – richysand

You go, Bosco!

We love Bosco the dog and his can-do attitude.

With some encouragement from onlookers, Bosco showed everyone who’s boss as he proudly paraded his big stick around the park – reminding us that no task is too big if you put your mind to it.

@boscoandhisbigstick Looking to hire this man as my personal motivator 👏 #boscoandhisbigstick #dogvideos #funnyvideos ♬ original sound – user8410852696609

Unlikely friends

It all started with a kiss and ended with a piggyback ride.

This unlikely duo (a Rottweiler puppy and a rooster) look like they’re having the best time.

Sam lays down the law

Noted: No intruders are welcome on Aussie soccer star Sam Kerr’s turf!

The pitch intruder rudely interrupted Chelsea’s Champions League clash against Juventus.

When the soccer fan pulled out his phone to take some shots, Kerr bumped the man to the ground, earning her a yellow card just minutes before the match ended.

See ya, huntsman

We think we’ve watched enough COVID-19 press conferences to last us a lifetime.

In a press conference up north, Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath managed to keep her cool when a huntsman spider made a surprise appearance.

“I don’t like huntsmen [spiders] but I’m gonna keep going and pretend I don’t have a huntsman on me right now.”

263 days later …

This year saw most of the states plunged into lockdown or hard COVID restrictions of some sort.

Melbourne has spent a whopping 263 days locked down over the past two years.

On October 22, as the clock finally ticked over to midnight, Melburnians were heard rejoicing around the city as their final (we hope) lockdown came to an end.

We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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