From insane stunts to tennis action, here are our picks for top videos of the week


Happy weekend, readers!

This week’s news cycle has been a bit of a rollercoaster, what with the shocking footage from the Tongan eruption to the epic trick shots at the Australian Open.

Not to mention, one stuntman decided to risk his life by literally flying through a minibus. As you do. 

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Volcano eruption

Jaw-dropping footage from January 15 captured the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano.

New photos have showed the extent of the damage in Tonga, with hundreds of homes reduced to rubble.

Along for the ride

One man in Southern California decided to give abandoned railroad tracks some love by taking his rail cart for a spin on them.

We like to think this man hated to see such a beautiful view go to waste.

Tweet from @Hezbolsonaro

Man’s best friend

We’re sure Richard Hammond, best known for co-hosting Top Gear and The Grand Tour, loves his dogs.

He just has a funny way of showing it …

@drivetrb Richard Hammond walking his dogs is so wholesome 😍 #richardhammond #topgear #DriveTribe #jamesmay #dogsofttiktok #dog ♬ original sound – rayathegoldo

Happy days

Oh, to be a happy dog twiddling my paws outside a shop. 


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Smile for the camera

Tennis players often sign the camera after winning games, but Naomi Osaka decided to shake things up with a little doodle.

She wasn’t very happy with it, but it’s the effort that counts.

Tweet from @AustralianOpen

Sk8ter bird

This is the best, most innovative and straight-up adorable use of a Tech Deck we have ever seen.

Those kids at school who thought they were cool have got nothing on this bird.

Hello, X-Games? We’d like to register an entrant.

Tweener time

The great entertainer Nick Kyrgios may be out of the Australian Open, but he certainly delivered some memorable moments during his short, but sweet, stint at Melbourne Park.

Got to love some “filthy tennis”.

Tweet from @atptour

Please don’t try this at home


Well folks, there’s not a lot to say about this except wow.

And maybe, why?

And definitely do not try this at home.

Also, we hope they had insurance for that windscreen.

Follow your dreams

In a true bullied-to-riches story, the TikTok famous Francis Bourgeois spent plenty of time being hassled at school over his insatiable love of trains.

But look who’s laughing now!

Please remember to take in his exquisite smile as we go by.

Tweet from @sailormooncup

Seal of approval

This curious elephant seal pup is melting hearts like climate change is melting the polar ice caps.

OK, that got a little dark.

But look how cute he is!

@acacia.johnson the day my heart melted 🦭 #seal #animals #cute #wildlife #photographer #travel #antarctica ♬ Comfort Chain – Instupendo

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