DC’s ‘DMZ’ Trailer: Rosario Dawson’s Badass Mom Charges Into a Warzone


HBO Max/YouTube

As The Batman finishes out a strong first weekend in theaters, DC is raising the bar yet again with another gritty metropolitan adaptation heading to HBO Max.

Taking a page out of thrillers like Prisoners and Searching, Rosario Dawson’s Alma is on the hunt for her missing child in the trailer for mini-series DMZ. Alma’s got her work cut out for her as she barrels down a version of New York that’s shockingly even more terrifying than the horrors of Times Square today. DMZ sees your off-brand Elmo and raises it…an actual cheetah?!

“What we had was so good,” the gruff lead laments in the clip. “What we had was family.” Such is the mournful cry of a vengeful mother, ready to reclaim her son and start afresh. There are a few barriers in the way, though: for one, Manhattan has been demilitarized, with crime on the rise and danger lurking around every corner. Fans of the recent HBO Max hit Station Eleven will enjoy the foliage-filled dystopia introduced by the streamer’s upcoming release. It’s the Golden Age of gorgeous post-apocalypses.

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