British billionaire Richard Branson recovering from ‘mild’ case of COVID



British billionaire Richard Branson says he is recovering from a “mild” case of coronavirus along with his wife and other family members after they tested positive for the Omicron variant.

“Friends & family, including myself and my wife Joan, recently caught omicron. Thanks to all being vaccinated and boosted, our symptoms have been mild,” Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, said in a post on Twitter on Thursday.

Stressing the importance of vaccinations, Branson urged all eligible individuals to get their booster shots.

Omicron appears to be far more easily transmitted than previous strains of the virus, though the World Health Organisation has said that the evidence so far suggests the variant is causing less severe illness.

Recently, countries including the United States and Britain have expanded their booster shot programs, with numerous studies showing that an initial course of vaccines may not be enough to halt infection from Omicron, but a booster shot may help.


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