‘Astonishing Condition’: Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Found Amazingly Well-Preserved in Antarctica’s Waters


Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust and National Geographic

Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s polar expedition ended abruptly in 1915 when his ship Endurance froze and sank in a field of ice in the Weddell Sea off the coast of Antarctica. For more than a hundred years, explorers have searched for the vessel, assuming whatever they eventually found would be mostly destroyed after being crushed by the ice that downed it.

The last images of the sinking ship were taken by Shackleton and his 28-strong crew as they escaped, skipping over the ice field as it consumed the Endurance and sent it some 10,000 feet down to the frozen seabed.

And that’s where the Endurance was found over the weekend—with cooking utensils and even clothing still well-preserved, Mensun Bound, a marine archaeologist who is on the Endurance22 discovery expedition that located it, told the BBC. “You can even see the ship’s name — E N D U R A N C E — arced across its stern directly below the taffrail. And beneath, as bold as brass, is Polaris, the five-pointed star, after which the ship was originally named.”

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