9 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Drink Cooler In Hot Weather


Summer is here, and when the outdoor temps are bordering on absurdity, the one of the best ways to chill out is to keep your drink cooler. Whether it’s a beer, an iced coffee, or an evening cocktail, the best gadgets to chill drinks do it better, faster, and colder than you remember. You can curse the forecast, resign yourself to the climate, and dream of a long fall, but in the meantime, these drink coolers will help you pass the hot days in relative comfort.

Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

Not only does this shaker have vacuum-insulated, double-wall steel construction that keeps drinks cold for a fortnight (an exaggeration, but not by much), it also has a built-in strainer and jiggers, the latter of which measure units from partial dashes through six ounces. A screw-down top ensures that your drinks stay within your bottle and not in the bottom of your picnic bag. Clean-up is also a cinch thanks to a dishwasher-safe body.

Elevated Craft

Twenty-One-Inch Outdoor Refrigerator

If you’re an outdoor-entertaining kind of guy, then an outdoor refrigerator is a must. Coyote leads the rapidly growing category, and its four-cubic-foot-capacity unit is just the right size for fresh air enjoyment. The front venting makes it perfect for built-in outdoor kitchens, while three adjustable wire racks and precise manual thermostat provide a huge amount of precision. An included lock lets you keep your ablutions secure from your child’s inquisitiveness.

Coyote Outdoor Living

Cool Keg Sleeve Insulator

An easy and efficient means of keeping keg beer cool while grilling or just hanging out, the Cool Keg Sleeve is a must for chilling suds in large volumes. Its waterproof neoprene body keeps melting ice contained, while interior pockets keep cold packs in place throughout the session or up to eight hours. It includes a spot to stash red cups.

Hops Holder

Tundra 35 Cooler

Forget the Chads that brandish Yeti stickers on their trucks; these coolers work, period. Carry up to 20 cans of beer plus twice as much ice (the recommendation), and you’ll still enjoy a frosty one days later. Practically indestructible and immediately recognizable, this may be the last cooler you’ll ever buy.


Whiskey Wedge

Forget bourbon balls; the Whiskey Wedge freezes water in the included glass at a slant, providing the greatest surface area by which to chill a cocktail. It also looks pretty damn cool. Pop it out of the freezer just prior to use and get to sipping.


Insulated Cooler Bag

Like a wetsuit for a 12-rack, this Kanga neoprene sleeve slides over a case of beer and keeps it cold for up to seven hours. Throw it in your car and pick up beer en route to the party. The company also makes freezable cans, which can be inserted in place of a 12-ouncer to keep your package colder, longer.



Don’t get us wrong; cold brew coffee is great — if you have an extra 12 hours to prepare. For those days that you don’t, the HC2 can chill a piping hot cup of coffee down to 72 degrees in 60 seconds. It’s so efficient that you can brew an appropriate volume directly into its cooling chamber as you shower. Just pour your newly chilled coffee over ice into your travel mug and you’re out the door in a flash. It works equally well with warm beer, wine, and liquor, all without dilution.


64-Ounce Insulated Beer Growler

The best way to keep beer cold is to never let it get warm. When sealed properly, Hydro Flash honors your favorite brewery’s best by keeping it at temperature for up to 24 hours while retaining carbonation. A carefully placed handle makes pouring easy, while its stainless steel insides won’t absorb taste.

Hydro Flask

Clear Ice Maker

We’ve all been served those perfectly clear, glass-like cubes in a drink out in town. But if you’ve ever tried to make them at home, you’ve likely been disappointed by hazy, opaque results. True Cubes has cracked the code to clarity, and you can now achieve the same pro blocks with tap water and your own overpacked freezer.

True Cubes

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