9 Genius Furniture Ideas for a Small Backyard


Whether you’re entertaining from a duplex, hosting a few friends in your condo, or having a dinner for one in a backyard that’s more “back” than yard, outfitting smaller spaces for use takes a certain amount of care. The best furniture for tiny backyards maximizes the area while staying out of the way when not being utilized. If you’re searching for pieces that will make the most of what you’ve got, our list will help you wring every drop of enjoyment from your tiny terra firma and focus on the people around you.

Teak Folding Chair

Acacia wood is one of the great natural materials of the world: durable, handsome, and sustainable, it’s perfect for all four seasons and years of use. CleverMade sourced FSC-certified lumber and sealed it for durability so that you don’t have to baby it. When not in service, fold it up and tuck it away.


Bonfire Fire Pit

Say goodbye to white rabbits interrupting conversation; Solo Stove designed its fire pits to burn cleaner and without the smoke, making them perfect for small backyard spaces. They’re also made from stainless steel, ensuring they won’t rust (though storing it covered is a must). Finally, if you’ll looking to maximize your space, you can add a Cooking System for dinner prepared over an open flame.

Solo Stove

Edison Bulb Solar String Lights

The yellow glow of string lights sets the tone for evenings and nights spent with friends and loved ones. No outlet? No problem. This 27-foot, 12-bulb set charges via an included solar panel in about six hours and lasts for as long, providing plenty of time to make a few memories.


Tilting Patio Umbrella

Modern patio umbrellas like those made by AstorOutdoor have functionality that those of your childhood could only imagine. It’s 10-by-10 square of shade tilts and rotates to ensure a generous amount of coverage regardless of where the sun is shining. Wind vents ensure it won’t take flight in a stiff breeze, while a powder-coated center pole withstands long seasons outdoors.


Tower Leaning Ladder with Adjustable Shelf

Whether in the dead of summer with few towels or a fall night and a couple of warm blankets, the elegant, minimalist Leaning Ladder by Yamazaki is useful in myriad ways. No screwing into surfaces; just lean it against a fence or vinyl siding and use it immediately. A small shelf near its top is perfect for bug deterrents or mood-setting candles.


Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Whether friends, family, or your significant other, it’s a cinch that the one uninvited guest who always drops by nights in the backyard is the neighborhood skeeter population. Forget pungent citronella candles or questionable chemical sprays; the Patio Shield casts a 15-foot circle of protection that wards against mosquitos. It takes a mere 15 minutes to clear the space, and its scentless formula works for 12 hours. Bonus: It also comes in a variety of attractive colors to match any decor.


Cube Portable Grill

Designed by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, the Cube does a remarkable amount in such a small package. Similar to the Solo Stove, its ingenious design heats charcoal quickly and efficiently, providing more than a hundred square inches of cooking space (roughly enough for a pair of steaks). Meanwhile, its bottom remains cool enough to rest on any surface without damage. Plop it on your cocktail table, fire up the coals, and grill away; when not in use, it packs into its own case for easy storage.


Tank Bucket Cooler

Whether you’re throwing a modest party or just want an upscale means of chilling a quarter-keg, the Tank Bucket is the perfect solution. With a 52-can capacity, it has the trademark Yeti cooler insulation with a more accessible open top. Rope handles are robust enough to drag it to the other side of the porch when a few extra guests show up.


Folding Balcony Hanging Table

Balcony entertaining is a possibility with the Hanging Table. Slip it over the railing and presto, approximately 200 square inches of space. Its steel is treated for weather-resistance, and it remains incredibly versatile with three different height settings.


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