50 People Who Made 2021 Even Worse With Their Stupidity


Every year is notorious for different reasons. 2019 was the year of Trump’s public impeachments, full of highs and lows. And 2020… do we even really need to go there? I mean, this notorious sum up we published last year should do the job instead.

And it turned out that the year 2021 was no less messed up. With the pandemic becoming the new normal and changing the ways we live beyond recognition, making the real estate prices soar and leaving millennials in an eternal state of rental despair, the time of uncertainty proved to be the perfect breeding ground for false assumptions, fake news, and totally crazy myths. And boy, we had a ton of them.

So should we just give this year a medal for basically the dumbest 365 days in modern history? Well, below are some posts to prove we should. If not, we may wait for the next year to see if that one’s gonna be up for the challenge.

Note: this post originally had 102 images. It’s been shortened to the top 50 images based on user votes.

We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

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