3 top ETFs for ASX investors to buy and hold for 10 years


There are a lot of exchange traded funds (ETFs) funds out there for investors to choose from.

If you’re looking at long term options, then you may want to look deeper into the three listed below. Here’s what you need to know about them:

BetaShares Asia Technology Tigers ETF (ASX: ASIA)

Although Chinese technology shares have had a very tough year, which has weighed heavily on the BetaShares Asia Technology Tigers ETF, this could prove to be a very attractive buying opportunity for long term investors. Especially given the high quality companies included in this ETF. These include the likes of Alibaba, Baidu,, and Tencent, which are all exposed to Asia’s growing middle class.

BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (ASX: CRYP)

Another exciting ETF that could be a top long term option for investors is the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF. Whether you like cryptocurrencies or not, it is a trillion dollar industry and is unlikely to be going away in the future. This means that the companies supporting the industry, such as miners, mining equipment firms, and trading platforms, could be well-placed for growth over the long term. This ETF gives investors exposure to these companies (Coinbase, Silvergate, and Riot Blockchain etc) through a single investment. And while investing in these companies collectively may be lower risk than buying coins, it is still a high risk investment option.

BetaShares Global Cybersecurity ETF (ASX: HACK)

A final exciting ETF for investors to consider as a long term option is the BetaShares Global Cybersecurity ETF. BetaShares notes that worldwide spending on cybersecurity is predicted to increase to almost US$250 billion by 2023. This leaves the companies included in this fund, which are working to reduce the impact of cybercrime globally, well-positioned for growth in the future. These companies include leaders such as Accenture, Cisco, and Cloudflare, Crowdstrike, Okta, and Palo Alto Networks.

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